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Belynda Georghiou

property management

Highly respected, hard working and dedicated to her clients, Belynda is one of the finest property managers in Melbourne. Having worked alongside the same people in a previous business, and with many years experience, she understands every aspect of property management, best practice, client protection and relationship building, making her one of the best in her field.

Belynda is one of the rare property managers who actually loves what she does, knowing that the bigger picture is taking care of and compassion for her clients’ investments, while providing a comfortable home for her tenants. She is a home owner and landlord herself, so she has first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to be in her landlords’ shoes.

For Belynda, property management isn’t just a business transaction. She strategises her inspections to ensure she takes into account any urgent maintenance or determines what needs to be updated, due to depreciation timelines on her owners’ properties. She facilitates any maintenance in consultation with her landlords, so they can maximise their position.

Belynda’s honest and caring approach means that her landlords know she looks after them. She is highly organised, because she has implemented a wide range of processes and procedures to make her job, as well as the other property managers at Eleven North, efficient and accountable.

Belynda is mum to two young children, and loves to host barbecues with her husband, friends and family, have a cheeky cocktail and she enjoys a bit of retail therapy.